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We notice that, recent new reports, in particular, one news piece published by the Washington Post on November 10, 2018, and a statement by Lime (a scooter sharing company) on its website dated October 30, 2018, referred broken scooters operated by Lime to be manufactured by Okai, and implied that Okai produced scooters have quality problems.  We consider these statements being arbitrary and groundless.

我们注意到,近日的媒体报道,特别是《华盛顿邮报》在20181110日的一篇报道,以及Lime公司(一家共享滑板车运营公司)于20181030日在其官方网站上的一篇声明,指出由Lime公司运营的发生断裂的滑板车是大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划生产的,并暗示大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划生产的滑板车存在质量问题。我们认为该等说法非常武断并且毫无根据。


Okai Adopts High Standard Quality Testing of Its Scooter Products

大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划对其滑板车产品实施了高标准的质量检测


Okai has supplied 5 batches of scooters to Lime, with a total number of 32,000.  As part of the supply agreement and quality control procedures for the supply to Lime, more than 70 items in 15 categories in respect of the scooters will be tested, among which, two items are particularly related to the baseboard and structure of the scooters: (i) the baseboard of the scooters (made from magnesium alloy) should pass a 600KG static pressure test; and (ii) the scooters will be tested against barriers for more than 100,000 times, and the structure shall remain in normal status.

大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划总共向Lime公司供应过5批次滑板车,总计3.2万台。作为向Lime公司的供货协议和质量控制流程的一部分,大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划会对供应的滑板车进行总共15大类含70多个项目的测试,其中,与滑板车的踏板和整体结构有关的有两项:(1)滑板车踏板(由镁合金制造)应通过静压测试不低于600KG;以及(2)整车通过障碍物测试10 万次后,车架结构正常


Set forth below are samples of reports from these two tests:



(i) Static pressure test report:


The reports show that, all of the tested baseboards passed the 600KG static pressure test.



(ii) Simulated riding and barrier test report;




This report shows that, the scooter was simulated to be ridden on rugged and uneven roads, with 100KG load, at the speed of 15KM per hour, and it was successfully ridden over the barriers for 605,333 times with 918KM distance traveled, until cracks occur.



The testing reports were accepted by Lime representative, before Lime took delivery from Okai.

滑板车测试报告均由Lime公司代表认可接受后,Lime公司才从大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划提货。


In addition to the above, Okai conducts its own real time testing on the use of the scooters it supplied to Lime, especially, when the scooters are ridden to pass ladders and curbs of roads.  The three videos below are examples of such tests:

此外,大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划还对其向Lime公司供货的滑板车进行实际使用状态下的测试,特别是使用其滑板车通过阶梯或路牙等障碍物时。以下视频为该等测试的展示:


Based on the above, we do not believe our scooters can have cracks in the baseboard within days of being placed into use, neither do we believe that our scooters would snap even when the rider weighs as little as 145 pounds (65.77 KG).



Lime Has Other Suppliers, Whose Scooters Were Broken As Shown in the Pictures, and Lime Stayed Silent on This



As shown below, there are distinctive differences between the appearing features of the broken Lime scooters as shown in the news report and the ones supplied by Okai to Lime.

如下图所示,新闻报道中展示的Lime公司的断裂的滑板车在外观特征上,与大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划供应给Lime的有明显的差异。


Pictures of Broken Lime Scooters in the News Report


Pictures of Scooters Supplied by Okai to Lime

大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划供货Lime的滑板车图片








Obviously, Lime has other suppliers, whose scooters broke.  We do not understand why Lime made statements on itself and to the media that the broken scooters were made by Okai, without even mentioning any other suppliers.

显然,Lime公司有其它的滑板车供应商,且其滑板车发生了断裂。我们无法理解,为何Lime公司在声明中和对媒体的说明中表示其断裂的滑板车为大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划生产的,完全没有提及其它供应商。


Lime Never Contacted Okai Regarding Broken Scooters

Lime公司从未就其断裂的滑板车联系过大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划


To our further surprise, Lime never contacted Okai regarding its broken scooters, nor did Lime question the testing performed by Okai in accordance with the agreed quality testing protocol.

使我们更加感到困惑的是,Lime公司从未就其断裂的滑板车联系过大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划,也从未就大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划根据双方约定的质量控制规程进行的测试提出过质疑。


We feel it being necessary to make cautions to the public on the credibility of such statements made by Lime.



Okai Continues to Be Committed to the Quality and Stability of Its Scooters

大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划持续致力于其滑板车产品的质量和稳固性能


Okai strives to be a leading producer of scooters in the market and remains committed to supply scooters of high quality and stability to its clients and the public.  Okai will continue to review its quality standards and the implementation of QA/QC procedures.  Okai welcomes comments, suggestions and ideas from the public regarding scooters manufactured by Okai.

大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划致力于作为市场上领先的滑板车生产企业,将一如既往地向其客户和公众提供高质量和稳固性能的滑板车产品。大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划仍将持续审视其产品质量标准和实施其质量控制流程。大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划欢迎社会各界对于大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划生产的滑板车产品提出宝贵的意见和建议。


Okai alerts the public to be careful in their selection of scooters, as there are some manufacturers whose scooters may look similar Okai’s patented scooter design but with below standard quality.

大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划提醒公众,在选择滑板车产品时需要谨慎,因为有小部分厂家的滑板车产品外观可能与大发时时彩历史开奖-pk10什么计划软件好_pk10 3码计划_苹果版PK10助赢计划具有外观设计专利的滑板车产品外观近似,但其产品质量堪忧。


It should also be noted that no product can sustain extreme abuse and vandalism.  It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure proper and prompt management and maintenance of the scooters it puts into the co-sharing market.  The ability and willingness of the operator to correctly identify the causes and supply sources for the problems of its co-shared scooters is also an important factor to ensure public safety.





Zhejiang Okai Vehicles Co., Ltd.

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November 16, 2018


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